We are so excited to fire up the Raclette melter this Saturday, December 1st, for our first “Raclette Night” of the fall/winter season!  Join us at goat.sheep.cow. north (804 Meeting St.) from 3:00pm-8:00pm for some ooey gooey delicious cheese melted over all kinds of roasted veggies and charcuterie! This dish has its origins in the Swiss and French Alps, and is first mentioned as far back at 1291.  The modern definition of the word “Raclette” means to scrape, referring to the hot melted cheeses being scraped on top of a medley of accoutrements.  Drool factor of 1000!

Legend has it that drinking water with Raclette will cause the melted cheese to harden in the stomach, so we are going to be pairing this dish with some gems in the wine and beer department at some amazing prices to keep you safe!