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Our “Grows With, Goes With” series, where we pair wine with cheese or charcuterie from the same region to show how place affects taste, is picking up momentum! Part 2 focused on the Piedmont region of Italy. This area lies at the foot of the Alps and borders both France and Switzerland. The land itself is wonderfully diverse, with hills, countryside, and high mountain peaks. Because of this, Piedmont produces a wonderfully diverse variety of wine and cheese. This makes pairing informed by terroir all the more interesting!


Pairing highlight: Elio Perrone “Sourgal” Moscato d’Asti DOCG (2017) with Gorgonzola Piccante. This moscato is floral, reminiscent of fresh grape juice, and slightly sparkly! Because of this complexity, it paired well with a classic blue like the Piccante. The mild sweetness of both the wine and cheese matched well while the spiciness of the gorgonzola helped bring out the brighter notes of the moscato. This pairing (fudgy cheese! bubbles!) is exactly why we think cheese makes a beautiful dessert. Well, and dinner. Well, and breakfast and lunch, too.


Our tasting trip around the world has been eye- and palate-opening thus far. Cheers to food education! Cheers to terroir!

-Casey O’Brien