A Quick Thank You!


It was not quite the real “Storming of the Bastille”, but Saturday’s “Fête Fromage” brought quite the passionate (and patient!) crowd of foodies to g.s.c.,north to celebrate Bastille Day. Our European-inspired restaurant was as lively and bustling as it’s ever been.  There were even lines out the door as guests waited to sample our French-inspired menu!


What was the what? All French wine specials. All French cheeses and charcuterie items. All French small plates including smoked salmon rillettes, beef tartare, baked brie, and chicken liver mousse. All French everything! France had quite the celebratory weekend but we were popping bottles here at gsc, too: cheers-ing how lucky we are to be here in Charleston, a city that loves its parties, a city that shares our interest in culture through food, and a city whose inhabitants  consistently turn up at our front door knowing they won’t be disappointed. Much amour, friends!  

-Casey O’Brien