goat.sheep.cow. north Brunch

Saturday August 25th, 2018


OK folks we are rolling out our first Brunch at goat.sheep.cow. north! We want you to see
how we do it on our days off. We will be running a special menu from 11:00am-3:00pm featuring some our personal brunch favorites; including of course…all of our favorite beverages.

We will even be featuring a special Brunch cheese and charcuterie board known as a Ploughman’s Breakfast with all the goodies to either start your day off right…or bring you back from the brink after a Friday night out on the town.

Did we mention that we make one hell of a  biscuit too?!  Perfectly buttery and flaky served with a French Raspberry Jam!


We had so much fun taking pictures of our Brunch Specials (and of course eating them too) to share with you that it sparked the idea for a little contest.  For those of you who join us on Saturday August 25th for our first Brunch.  Take a picture, or pictures, of your favorite brunch dishes and general brunch merriment from the day and share them on Instagram.  Tag and mention @goatsheepcownorth in your post and use the hashtag #gscbreakfastclub.  We will pick a winner within 1 week of brunch and the winner will receive a $25 goat.sheep.cow. Gift Card! Winner will be contacted via Instagram with a post on our account of the winning picture!
We hope to see everyone on Saturday August 25th at goat.sheep.cow. north from 11:00am-3:00pm for what we hope is the first of many #gscbreakfastclub Brunches!
Click Below for Menu: