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  • an impressive wine selection

  • g.s.c Olive Oil

    Made with arbequina olives from the area around Chico, California.

    This is the best stuff we ever tasted. Smooth and buttery without that bitter aftertaste. One try and you will be saying, “Ok, give me a bottle.” I am not kidding here! Discounts on refills. That’s a deal!

  • Buffalo Gorgonzola

    pasteurized buffalo and cow milk

    This unique cheese takes a classic recipe for creamy gorgonzola and uses the naturally butterfat-rich milk from water buffalo to make it extra creamy. Higher in fat that traditional cow’s milk, buffalo milk makes this blue slightly thicker on the palate with the characteristic tang of buffalo milk. The richness of the milk also helps to soften the bite of the blue veining.

  • MitiBlue

    pasteurized sheep’s milk from Spain

    A cheese made to rival Roquefort it’s aged for a ninimum of 4 months to create a creamy texture. The flavor is intense without being too aggressive with spicy notes which become more pronounced when reaching the finish.

  • Persille de Rambouillet

    pasteurized goat’s milk from France

    Mind-blowing goat blue that is incredibly smooth and creamy with terrior-driven notes of white pepper and sweet cream. A rarity to get and once you try some you will know why most of it never leaves France.

  • Tomme de Chevre

    raw goat’s milk from France

    Essentially a goat milk version of Morbier with that same layer of ash. Mild with a touch of citrus and a note of hazelnuts; semi-soft and creamy

  • Quadrello di Bufala

    pasteurized buffalo’s milk from Italy

    Water buffalo milk has been used in cheesemaking in Italy since the 7th century. It’s higher in fat and protein than cow’s milk and produces a rich and flavorful cheese. Creamy, sweet and robustly pungent.

  • Mozzarella di Bufala

    pasteurized buffalo’s milk made in Italy

    The is the most tender mozzarella that we’ve ever tasted. Creamy and almost spreadable, this perfect cheese has a bit of a tang that tells you it’s not your average mozzarella.

  • Red Leicester

    raw cow’s milk from England

    A herd of Fresian-Holstein cows produce the milk for this classic moist and chewey cheese. The palate is rich, nutty and complex with a milky sweet essence. The color comes from the addition of annotto, a South American tree seed.

  • Canestrato

    raw sheep’s milk from Italy

    Made on small farms and aged in the caves of the Madaio family. This is technically a pecorino but it’s way better than average. Smooth and nutty, not too salty with the most perfect balance of taste and texture.

  • Brebirousse d’Argental

    pasteurized sheep’s milk from France

    This creamy, Brie-like cheese has hints of grass and herbs with no gameyness. Buttery and sweet with a little finish of salt.

  • Garrotxa

    pasteurized goat’s milk from Spain

    This is a moist and cakey cheese that offers a white pepper piquancy with a touch of lemony citrus. A great table cheese with a full bodied, long smooth finish that hints of nuts and herbs.